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Privacy is extremely important to us.

Here is our easy-to-read Privacy Policy:

We don’t track end users

We only collect/log information about the number of used calls or used bandwidth for the partner account, that’s it. We don’t collect/log end user IP addresses, and we don’t sell any end user data (we don’t have it).

We don’t market to end users

We don’t have any way to contact them by design.

We offer onion (Tor) endpoints for all plans

No special plan necessary! All API partners get access to our high-performance onion (Tor) endpoint in additon to our clearnet endpoint. Give end users peace of mind knowing that we can’t collect information from them, even if we wanted to!

Privacy is our DNA

Cake Labs has been building privacy software for longer than most people have known about Bitcoin. Cake Labs launched Cake Wallet, the first iOS Monero Wallet, in January 2018, and released in 2022.

We run high-performance cryptocurrency nodes for our users with strong privacy policies, and we design our products to be privacy-respecting from the start.

Note about other apps and services

If another app or service integrates this pricing API, that app or service might collect information from you based on the relevant privacy policy for that app or service. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of other apps and services.