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There are two ways to pay for the API:

  • Prepaid shared: Pay for a certain number of API credits, and we keep track of usage. Get your first 100,000 credits for just $10.
  • Premium dedicated: Pay a base cost for infrastructure and get billed monthly for bandwidth use, with unrestricted API use.


  • Custom domain: Place our service behind your domain for a white-label experience.
  • 100% SLA guarantee: Included on high-volume plans, or pay a monthly SLA cost with prepaid shared.
  • Public access code: We support publicly-shared API access codes for an extra cost. Perfect for reproducible builds.
  • Proxy connections: If you think you can be more efficient than us, we allow you to deliver our data directly to your users from your own servers for an extra cost.
  • Additional regions: We include several global server locations by default, but we can add additional locations with load balancing as desired.

Included in all plans

  • Pay with crypto or fiat: We accept BTC, XMR, USDC, USDT, and bank payments.
  • No user logs: Privacy is important to us, so the only thing that’s tracked is your account’s current API credit or total used bandwidth.
  • Highly optimized API: Save you and your users bandwidth.
  • Tor support: Make an onion (Tor) endpoint available to your users for maximum privacy. One Tor query costs two credits.
  • Commercial use: Use it for personal or commercial use for no additional charge.
  • Massive or unlimited rate limits: Make up to 20 connections per second, per IP address (not per key). Larger limits are available.
  • Basic DDoS attack prevention: One less thing to worry about.
  • Unlimited products and users: Use the API for whatever you want (except reselling) and for however many users you want.

Prepaid shared

We have a promotional price where your first 100,000 credits are only $10! No add-ons allowed with this offer.

100,00050 USD$0.0005
500,000100 USD$0.0002
5,000,000500 USD$0.0001
50,000,0002500 USD$0.00005
500,000,0005000 USD$0.00001

You can save a HUGE amount of money with prepaid shared, since credits roll over into future months!

Premium dedicated

You can optionally customize your own dedicated plan. The hardware isn’t shared with anyone else. This premium plan is best for extremely intense applications or highly-custom configurations. You can also negotiate different Terms of Use to meet your needs.

Premium: (Regions) * ((Nodes + 1) * 70)

RegionsDelivery nodes per region (plus included balancer)Monthly cost
12210 USD
22420 USD
23560 USD
32630 USD

Need more? Ask us for a custom quote.

Additional required costs

  • Capture node: 20 USD / month / node (minimum 2)
  • Bandwidth cost: 10 USD / TB (sold in 1 TB monthly increments, minimum 1 TB / month)


Custom domain

You can place our service behind your domain for no additional charge. Only available on a dedicated network plan.

100% SLA guarantee

Our SLA is included in our premium plans.

Public access code

If you have a product that requires the public sharing of the API access key (eg: for reproducible builds), then you will be billed at a higher rate.

Proxy connections

The ability to proxy connections is useful for teams with existing robust delivery networks. Pricing starts at 1000 USD / mo. Subject to some restrictions.

Additional regions

Want lower latency for a specific region? We can set up dedicated nodes in many regions.

Prepaid shared plan users can request a new region through sales. If you consistently use more than 1,000,000 credits a month, the price will be minimal.

Dedicated plan users can add a new region with 2 delivery nodes in that region for approximately 210 USD / month.

Higher rate limits

We limit each IP (not each key) to 20 new connections per second. If you need other limits, please contact us.