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Cake Labs Pricing API Docs

Thanks for checking out the Cake Labs Pricing API!

The Cake Labs Pricing API has been designed specifically for non-custodial wallets, and it is used in Cake Wallet and

The API is custom-built to be easy to use, reliable, highly performant, and privacy-respecting. It’s a perfect match for your application. If you want to get access to the API, please email us!

Email us!


In making one of the world’s most popular and trusted cryptocurrency wallets, we know a thing or two about serving high quality data to thousands of users at once. This fiat API service has been built from scratch to meet our goals.

  • Extremely high performance and reliability, written from the ground up using the super-fast LMDB database.
  • Infinite scalability across multiple server regions.
  • Distributed and redundant, with support for unlimited price collection and end user quote delivery servers.
  • Optional load balancing on the same server network with a custom LMDB load balancer.
  • Low cost, with fast, low-resource lookups and delivery.
  • Privacy-respecting with no user logging.
  • Fetch spot and historical pricing data (30+ days old) for thousands of fiat and cryptocurrency pairings.